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“My house needed a lot of work. The guys at Weather Shield provided me with good advice. I felt very comfortable with them.”

-Brad Langdale

PRODUCTS: Roof Cleaning

Permanent Algae & Mold Removal

  • Need to sell your home faster
  • Want to add curb appeal
  • Need your roof to last 5 to 10 yrs. longer
  • Family suffering from allergy's We can help!

100% biodegradable cleaner
No damaging pressure washing
Permanent results
Inexpensive less than 10% of roof replacement cost

Does it Make a Difference? See for Yourself!

roof cleaning comparison

When we cleaned the roof of this China Spring home, we cleaned some areas first and stopped to take pictures so we could demonstrate just how dramatic the difference is.

roof cleaning closeup


It is safe to guess that the vast majority of shingle roofs are medium to low quality with warranties that range from 15 to 25 years. The same shingle continues to get longer warranties. Manufacturer placed petroleum distillates, copper and zinc granules in varying amounts in and on the shingle prevent algae and fungus growth over varying periods of time according to uncontrollable variables. As the shingle ages and is subjected to the extremes in local weather, it deteriorates losing is granules and its fungus fighting capabilities. It is not uncommon for low quality shingles to exhibit a lot of algae/fungus staining in just three years while most roofs are stained partially or completely within the four to five year range. Black algae/fungus staining will first exhibit itself on the north side of the roof, then the west, south and east. Green algae staining is caused by close or overhanging trees. Either staining process will occur if you haven't maintained arid protected your roof with a good roof cleaner.


The answer is clean it immediately! Here's why: As the algae and fungus grow on your roof, they eat away the base of the shingle and expand and contract with the outside temperature. This growth and movement loosens the granules, creating premature granule loss, dramatically shortening the life of your roof. A 25-year roof may not even last 15 years if nothing is done.

It is interesting to note that some manufacturers recommend that roofs actually be cleaned with bleach or chlorine –of course, they are in the business of selling shingles, therefore, the quicker your roof succumbs, the quicker they will be able to sell you a new roof.

There are also all of the uncontrollable variables that help hasten algae/fungus staining.

First, fungus will always appear initially on the north and or west side of the house and roof.

This is because moisture stays there longer and, as noted above, algae/fungus needs three things to grow: moisture, heat and a nutrient.

Other variables besides the direction you house faces are the type, grade and manufacturer of your shingles, whether you have a pond or pool nearby creating abundant moisture and how hot and humid the weather is.

Continuous warm weather promotes fungus growth. Also, if you have trees near your house and they shade the roof, that promotes quicker fungus growth. If you haven't cleaned the leaves and pine needles off, that keeps your roof ripe for fungus growth too.

Keep your roof clean and extend the life of your roof.

A fungus-covered roof not only is an eyesore but it is unhealthy as well; do you want fungus spores all over, around and in your home? And what about those people with allergies? In addition, the fungus covered roof keeps under roof temperatures a lot higher by preventing the reflective capabilities of the granules from doing their job.

These soaring under roof temperatures make your air conditioner work a lot harder and increase your electric bills sometimes as much as several hundred dollars a year. Finally, homeowner associations are becoming more abundant, primarily to maintain and enhance value of the individual homes and neighborhoods. You are not alone in worrying about the appearance of your home, therefore, at the first sign of algae/fungus staining, it makes good sense to clean your roof. This is not difficult to accomplish!


When your roof is clean the one thing you can count on is that it will get dirty again quicker, sometimes a lot quicker, than the first time.

Why? Because your roofs fungus fighting capabilities have diminished over time and you have had granule loss.

Did you clean your roof with chlorine? If so, your shingle life was shortened because it will dry out and crack the shingles and fungus will grow sooner.

Frequently Asked Questions: Roof cleaning

What are the Black Streaks on my Roof?

In most cases the stains and streaks are a form of algae, commonly knoivn as Gloeocapsa Magma. This type of algae thrives in humid and warm climates and usually appears first on North or West slope of the roof where shade is prevalent and moisture tens to accumulate. Algae spores are then carried by the wind until the entire Roof is infested. Once attached to a Shingled Roof, this Fungus feeds on the dead organic matter used in the manufacturing process of the asphalt shingle.

As the Fungus breaks down the asphalt shingle, the ceramic granules protecting the surface of the shingle are loosened and begin to fall off, causing the Roof to deteriorate prematurely and diminishes the roofs abilities to reflect heat rays. If not treated the roof algae will reduce the life of your roof, diminish your home's curb appeal and increase your home cooling expense. (A Dirty Roof can affect utility costs because your roof is darker and absorbs more heat in the summer months.

How can I Remove HARMFUL Toxins from my home?

US EPA States: Mold is the source of allergens (substances that can cause allergic reactions), irritants, and in some cases, potentially toxic substances (Mycotoxins). Inhaling or touching Mold Spores may cause allergic reactions in "sensitive" individuals. Adults & children alike can & do get sick from Mold/Mildew on the Roof. Allergic responses include hay fever type symptoms, such as sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, and skin rash (dermatitis). Allergic reactions to Mold are common and can be immediate or delayed. Molds can also cause asthma attacks in people with asthma who are allergic to Mold. Roof cleaning results in lower levels of mold and mold spores.

On what kinds of roofs can this cleaning process be used?

Weather Shield Roofing's cleaning process can be used on most roof materials:

  • Wood Roofs
  • Cedar Roofs
  • Tile Roofs
  • Asphalt Roofs
  • Slate Roofs

Mold is a Health Hazard

The American College of Occupational & Environmental medicine states: “The presence of Mold adversely affect human health through three processes; allergy, infection & toxicity.” Simply stated; Mold can make you very sick and in some cases can be the cause of death. Molds are found both indoors and outdoors.

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